What is Game Slice?

Game Slice is a first of its kind event, that gathers local game industry professionals in order to provide a sneak preview and gather feedback for unreleased games made in the London, Ontario area... and beyond! It's an event made exclusively for game developers, by game developers, that aims to provide constructive feedback to game makers on vertical slices, alpha, betas and release candidates, in a collaborative, exciting and fun atmosphere.

Game Slice 2016
Game Slice 2016
Game Slice 2016
Game Slice 2016


Industry Choice Award

Trophy + Business Pass to The Montreal International Game Summit 2018

Every exhibitor is eligible for the Industry Choice Award as decided by attendees of the event. Each Attendee will be given one ballot to vote for their favourite game featured at GameSlice 2017. The Trophy as well as a M.I.G.S. business pass ($995 value) will be awarded towards the end of the night.

Location: The Arts Project
Thursday November 9th, 2017
Admission: Free with guest list registration

Beer's great, but why playtest unreleased games?

When us game industry professionals get together, we always end up talking about our unannounced projects. Whether it's the highs and lows of the development process, design challenges, first time user experiences, etc. It always comes down to wanting feedback. All gamedevs know showcasing their game provides valuable feedback from users, but what if those users were fellow industry peers who work across the street?

Game Slice will provide a structured format where your game can be shown behind closed doors, and help shape the future of your game, no matter what stage of development it's in.

Who's invited to playtest?

This is a private event for Corporate Game Studios, Professional Game Developers or Indie Game Developers. If you've launched a game in the past, either at a job or on your own time - you qualify to be on the guest list. Just let us know who you work for or what you've launched.

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This is a 19+ licensed event



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